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Post by Chyna Sparks on Mon May 16, 2011 1:52 pm

This board was created for entertainment purposes. Here are just a few rules to help keep this forum fun for everyone.
The site administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as needed.
1: All members must be in character in the RPG world forum. Any off topic posts should be in the off topic section only. You may add a line with in your post to communicate by using OOC: before the question or statement you want.
2: We understand that some profanity is warranted within the storyline. Please don't over do it. Let's keep it to a minium. Some words are filtered because of our younger readers.
3: You are allowed to have as many characters as you wish. But at this time you can only sign in to two at a time by using a normal and inprivate browsing window.
4: Any topic that is private between certain characters should be labeled. If not it will be considered an open topic for all members. If a topic is labeled for certain characters you should p.m. and ask permission to join.
5: No harrassment or bullying of any kind is allowed on this board. (Out of character) There is a big difference between what we write in our storylines and carrying it over to our p.m boxes or chat boxes. Any violation of this will result in an immediate ban of all accounts associated with your IP address.
6: Unlike other boards, we are happy to let you advertise your sites. However, you may only add a link to your signatures or post a promo in our artwork forum. You are not allowed to send invites via private messages (this could be cosidered spam) and you must be an active member of the forum posting atleast 10 posts per week in order to advertise.
7: You may not use a character face that is already being used on the site without permission of the member using the face and the permission of the administrator. There could be good reasons to duplicate a face. Twins, sister, double gangers ect. We only ask you to respect the members who use it before creating a character like this.
8: Have an open mind. Drama and suspense is what makes a storyline entertaining. If you are not likely to enjoy unexpected twists while roleplaying, then this site may not be for you.
9: Above all, have fun! Hearts and Lies was designed to be easy to follow and post. We have only a few different forums for roleplaying so we can remain streamed line and uncomplicated.
10: If you like the site, please feel free to invite your friends. From experience we have joined sites who do not allow you to belong to other sites. We think that is crazy. If you have encountered sites with rules like this, please leave them behind and join a site that is friendly and encouraging. Affiliate with us! We love to share our characters.
11: We do not have a ratings system, but ask that any topic that may contain racy material be labeled "M" in the description. This is for our readers who prefer not to read such topics. Remember, defamatory, racist or porno is not allowed by our web hosts, so lets not go too far Very Happy
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