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Post by Chyna Sparks on Fri May 20, 2011 9:13 am

Hey guys. Recently I put in a design review for our site with our hosts. Here is our report:

Forum Review Purple11 Design/Theme & Layout - Rating: Average

    When I first came to your forum, I was a bit caught off-guard. The reason for this is because of your main design. Having an all black design is not a very good choice for your forum's theme. Although your forum is titled "Hearts and Lies," I would suggest that you change your design to one that gives off a much better vibe than your current one. I do like some things about your forum and some of them caught my eye. I like how you blended your forum's design so that everything would match. I can see some use of CSS in your forum, but it seems as if it's too dull, and it's lacking something. I recommend viewing some tutorials on how to fully customize your forum with CSS, so that your forum will have a better look. I do think however, that your forum's theme is very original. Your forum is the first one I've reviewed with a theme such as yours. As for your layout, I see no issues at all here, and I like the way you balanced your widgets with the categories of your forum.

    Just follow some of these tips I have given you, and your forum will soon be great Wink

Forum Review C1010


My goal is to bring our forum up to an A!

I'll keep working on it. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to pass them along. Very Happy

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