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Post by Chyna Sparks on Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:55 pm

Okay guys I put in for a new review with our host for our new design and its back. what do you think?

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New Site Review Review12 Congratulations! Your free forum review has been completed. The forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback that's convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum review:

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Ok, lets start. First i what i saw when i come to your forum is banner. Its nice and stylish. I really liked the font that you used on it. Navigation bar is nice but i think you should lower opacity of stroke line on it, or use a little bit darker red color. I suggest you to change you poll bar design. This green and white color not going good with red and black. I think thats the only thing i didnt liked on your forum. I liked very much your "Who is online" image and i think that you should make forum icons like that cause its beautiful, but image its little bit too big and you should try to resize it. There is nothing much to say since your forum looks nice. Some of my suggestion would be to make rounded corners on your forums, change the category tittle font and find a fav icons.

Overall rating: Good

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